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Reflexology is a natural, non-intrusive complementary therapy

Reflexology is a complementary therapy that works on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet, hands and head. These points correspond to all the different parts of the body, including the organs, endocrine system (hormones) and even the central nervous system and spine. By stimulating or soothing these reflex points, your health and wellbeing may improve in a safe and natural way.

I work specifically with the reflex points of the feet, enabling the body to restore its own natural balance. It is a suitable technique for most people, however you don't need to be unwell to benefit from this treatment as it is ideal as a preventative measure. Alternatively, you may just want the opportunity to relax, de-stress and take time for yourself, which has health benefits in itself.

A professionally qualified Reflexologist can help you with specific symptoms and regular treatments can help your body to sustain optimum health naturally.

Some of the common conditions a reflexologist can help you with include:

Improved blood circulation
– foot reflexology is known to improve blood circulation to vital organs. This in turn can result in quicker healing and regrowth of any damaged cells.

Cancer symptoms
– reflexology is known to reduce symptoms caused by chemotherapy including nausea, pain, constipation, diarrhoea sleep and anxiety.

Arthritis and Osteoarthritis
- patients report feeling less pain.

– reflexology is thought to assist with the reduction of hypertension and the onset of heart disease.

Anxiety and depression
– a common mental health problem, the relaxation side of reflexology can extend to the mind to calm and aid any signs of depression and anxiety.

Multiple sclerosis
– a disease of the nervous system, reflexology decreases the feelings of fatigue and it may reduce the tingling sensations experienced.

Support during pregnancy and the postnatal journey.
- reflexology can also be useful during pregnancy and even reduce the risks of post-natal depression.

Benefits also include:

Toxin elimination
Lymphatic drainage
Reduced fluid retention (Oedema swelling)
Bolstered central nervous system
Improved immune system
Soothed back ache
Eased trapped nerves
Improved carpel tunnel
Pain management
Addressing fertility issues
Preparation for IVF treatments
Eases IBS symptoms
Aids digestion
Reducing Anxiety
Stress relief
Reducing hormone imbalances
Improved sleep quality
Relieving migraines
Normalising blood pressure

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Pregnancy Reflexology

Reflexology during pregnancy is a gentle way to relax, aid sleep, calm pre-birth anxiety and prepare your body for labour and birth.

It is very helpful at easing the many aches, pains and "niggles" that arise during the course of any pregnancy and especially towards the last trimester when you are less active but still need to boost your circulation. You may find that your mood, stamina and sleep improve as well.

During pregnancy the shape of a woman's feet can sometimes change to mirror the changing shape of her body. Occasionally the baby's movements, felt by the mother during the session, can also be felt on her feet by the Reflexologist. Babies respond well to reflexology carried out on mum, sharing the calm and becoming invigorated once the session is over.
I received regular reflexology treatments throughout both my own pregnancies and as well as feeling totally relaxed during the treatments, I found my energy levels were always boosted afterwards.

Postnatal reflexology can be very helpful in combating fatigue, help the body on its journey to normality following the birth and provide important time for the new mother to focus on herself for a short time. Babies will often sit quietly and calmly beside mum or lie peacefully on her during a treatment, sharing in the calm atmosphere and creating a perfect opportunity for skin-to-skin bonding.

It is currently my policy to only treat pregnant ladies after the first trimester has passed (first 12 weeks).

Children and Babies

Reflexology is suitable for all ages and especially beneficial during childhood and adolescence when the body goes through major transformations.

I offer shorter treatments adapted for children and young people up to 14 years.

The baby sessions aim to reduce reflux, colic, teething, earache and digestive disorders. It also aims to help with restless sleep.

For adolescents, reflexology can help with hormone balancing, puberty related issues, anxiety and exam stress. It also provides a general nurturing space for them to feel calm and relaxed.

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